We’re only about a month away from the launch of our new In-SHUCK-ch Nation website. Activities are scheduled to wrap up at the end of this month and an official launch should take place in early November. Up until now, preparations have been going smoothly and we are happy with the results. We’ve seen sample layouts for the homepage and subpages and we’ve even had a photographer travel into the territory to capture images of scenery. Thanks, to Vern Shanoss for guiding photographer, Steve Hayek to the many locations we requested.

Development of the new website has been a collaborative effort on the part of many staff members. The finalization of content began in September and we’ve been tweaking it ever since. It’s been fun working together on a project that we hope will add a lot of value to the community. It will also be something tangible people can see and use on a regular basis. We look forward to the launch of this new tool and hope that it is useful and informative. I’ll keep you posted on facebook (In-SHUCK-ch Nation page) and in the newsletter to let you know our official launch date when everything is set to finally go ‘live’.