In-SHUCK-ch has a long history of pursuing aboriginal title to its Traditional Territory. In-SHUCK-ch’s desire to negotiate a Final Agreement with the Governments of Canada and BC goes back to decades, even before 1911, when the S’atl’imx Chiefs signed the Declaration of the Lillooet Tribes.

We are aware the B.C. Government claims our country, like all other Indian territories in B.C.; but we deny their right to it. We never gave it or sold it to them. They certainly never got the title to the country from us, neither by agreement nor conquest, and none other than us have any right to give them title.”

This declaration was the first mandate of the In-SHUCK-ch Nation to negotiate a treaty. This mandate was the basis for which all negotiations of a Final Agreement have come from.

When British Columbia created the BC Treaty Process, In-SHUCK-ch was the first to submit a Statement of Intent in 1993.

Negotiating a treaty has been a lengthy process, but ratification of the Final Agreement will be the culmination of decades of fighting to resolve title and rights in In-SHUCK-ch’s traditional territory. A Final Agreement will give In-SHUCK-ch ownership of its lands, and the power of self-government to once again be a self-determined Nation, deciding our own future.


The In-SHUCK-ch traditional territory covers 476,943 ha of land and water, 473,058 ha (99%) of which is land. Within this territory are large areas of British Columbia provincial Crown land, provincial parks, and smaller areas of Indian Reserve and private land.


With the successful ratification of the final agreement, by all those eligible to vote in the In-SHUCK-ch Nation, we the In-SHUCK-ch will have a new future, a new world, where we will once again be in control of our land and our governance system.

The In-SHUCK-ch Nation has drafted a Nation Building Plan, which is our own path to building that future. In our new world, we will decide the next steps towards independence and making our land a desirable place to live, work, and raise our children. We will use the Nation Building Plan to implement our transition to self-government.


Monthly Meetings

To keep informed of the status of the Final Agreement, please attend the monthly meetings at regional community gatherings. Check our Calendar of Events for upcoming meetings which are held in the Fraser Valley and in In-SHUCK-ch Nation territory.

General Assemblies

General Assemblies are held twice a year. In-SHUCK-ch Senior Managers present work plans, budgets and progress reports on the Final Agreement and related projects. Check our calendar for the date and location of our next General Assembly.