Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 9.46.00 PMWe all have something we can do to help out our people, but many of us ignore these opportunities or use them to further our own family’s status. When I was young, I thought I would be a church person or maybe a politician, but later found my true destiny. How many of our people had great potential to save our people or lead us to the promise land?

You might be a great writer or speaker or even an organizer. These days, High school graduates have so many opportunities we did not enjoy, but they choose to take the easy road. They go on welfare or take jobs that pay but do not leave room for promotion. Imagine if all those people working low paying jobs went back to school and became the bosses instead of the workers? The time is ripe for our people to go get the training to do the jobs we will need to fill in the future. Imagine having our people as the supervisors or managers instead of the laborer?

I am a fine one to talk though, I just started writing articles and was published, I was trained for my position while on the job and organizing was easy for me. We won’t all get opportunities dropped into our laps like I did. Our ancestors took any job available because that was all they were offered. Many stayed at the same level all their lives.

The future is not written yet and how can we lift our people up if they are trained to expect someone to look after them? How many high school graduates do we have on welfare? How many of our people would not move to take a job? How many people are too set in their ways to go on with their training? How many young mothers sit at home trying to make ends meet?

I have said some hard words, but if we are to make it in the modern world, we need to look at our lives and decide if what we are doing is enough. As always, I do not speak for anyone but myself. If you have young person living hand to mouth encourage them to go out into the world and be somebody.