In-SHUCK-ch has developed several plans and policies which are governance tools to guide its progress towards Self-Government and Nationhood.


The Seven Generations Plan sets out the overarching vision for In-SHUCK-ch Nation. As per the 2005 Resolution, INIG was directed to develop, govern and implement the Nation in accordance with this plan.

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The Seven Generations Plan was the catalyst for The Nation Building Plan, which is a detailed and strategic plan to implement the vision for self-government described in the Seven Generations Plan.

The Nation Building Plan sets out our own path to the Golden Apple- Nationhood. The Nation Building Plan breaks down the task of Nation Building into a series of manageable, community driven projects, implemented over the five years between ratification and the effective date of treaty. The end result of implementing the Nation Building Plan will be the creation of various additional institutions, organizations, plans and policies that, collectively, make up a self-governing Nation.

While In-SHUCK-ch is in transition towards self-government, In-SHUCK-ch already actively asserts its rights and title to its traditional territory and cultural heritage. It does so through plans, policies and permits that set out to protect, preserve, and manage our lands, natural resources, and heritage.

Third parties doing business in In-SHUCK-ch territory are requested to consult these plans and policies to ensure that activities are carried out in accordance with our stewardship values, and are compliant with our heritage policies.

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The In-SHUCK-ch Land Stewardship Plan is a guide to the wise and respectful use of the land and resources of the In-SHUCK-ch traditional territory. It is both overarching and operational, and was prepared in tandem with, but without prejudice to, final agreement negotiations.

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The In-SHUCK-ch Heritage Policy serves to protect, preserve and manage In-SHUCK-ch heritage, in all its forms, in a manner consistent with In-SHUCK-ch values, beliefs and traditions. By advancing knowledge and understanding of the In-SHUCK-ch heritage, the In-SHUCK-ch Heritage Policy helps maintain the integrity of our history and heritage through the respectful treatment of In-SHUCK-ch traditional knowledge, heritage objects, and sites. Compliant with Provincial Legislation, the In-SHUCK-ch Heritage Policy assumes protective and conservative measures over and above the standards set out in the provincial Heritage Conservation Act.

The In-SHUCK-ch Heritage Policy sets out requirements for Archeological Permits. In-SHUCK-ch may issue an Archeological Permits after reviewing the archaeological permit application to ensure that the Permit Terms and Conditions are consistent with the In-SHUCK-ch Nation Heritage Policy. To apply for a permit please fill out the archaeological permit application.

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IN-SHUCK-CH and Harrison West Forest Service Road Improvements

The BC Ministry of Forests and Range (MOFR) report examines the feasibility of improving the Harrison West and In-SHUCK-ch / Lillooet West Forest Service Roads (FSR) that link the Fraser and Pemberton Valleys along a 160 km long corridor.

To learn more and read the full report Harrison West In-SHUCK-ch Report.


To apply for an archaeological permit, download and complete the five-page archaeological permit application.  Applicants must meet all the Terms and Conditions of the Permit, and be compliant with the In-SHUCK-ch Nation Heritage Policy prior to submitting the application. Email a scanned copy, fax, or mail the completed permit application to the In-SHUCK-ch Nation Heritage Advisor.

Heritage Advisor
Fax: (604) 820-6847
41290-B Lougheed Highway, Deroche, British Columbia   V0M 1G0