In-SHUCK-ch Nation Interim Government (INIG)

By a General Assembly resolution in 2005, the In-SHUCK-ch Nation Interim Government (INIG) was established as the governing body of the In-SHUCK-ch Nation. INIG is made up of the Chief and Council of the Samahquam and Skatin Nations, whose leadership is duly constituted under the Indian Act.


Kathleen Smith Chief
Malcolm Smith Councillor
Clara Smith Councillor
Howie Smith Councillor



Pat Williams Chief
Xavier Williams Councillor
Gabriel Williams Jr. Councillor

Chiefs Executive Committee (CEC)

The Chiefs Executive Committee (CEC) is made up of the two Chiefs and the Senior Managers (in non-voting capacity).

Chiefs Committee

Kathleen Smith Chief
Pat Williams Councillor


Senior Managers 

Passal (Allen Gabriel) Chief Executive Officer
Eppa (Gerard Peters) Chief Negotiator
Josh Alexander Chief Administrative Officer


In-SHUCK-ch Nation General Assembly

The In-SHUCK-ch Nation General Assembly convenes two times a year. Each General Assembly is hosted by a Chair and Co-Chair. The In-SHUCK-ch General Assembly is where members meet directly with In-SHUCK-ch Nation Interim Government leaders and their staff. It is the people, in the General Assembly, that approve In-SHUCK-ch policies and procedures.

Alexis Paull Chair
Pat Williams Co-Chair


In-SHUCK-ch Nation Administration

The In-SHUCK-ch Nation Administration supports the goals and activities of the In-SHUCK-ch Nation Interim Government and treaty negotiations.

In-SHUCK-ch Nation