In-SHUCK-ch Nation, which is made up of Skatin and Samahquam First Nations, was declared in 2005 by a General Assembly Resolution. This resolution gave In-SHUCK-ch Nation its mandate to define, exercise and protect the title and rights of the Nation and its membership.


Untitled design (99)In-SHUCK-ch Nation’s governing body is the In-SHUCK-ch Nation Interim Government (INIG), which was established at the same time as In-SHUCK-ch Nation, through the 2005 General Assembly Resolution.  INIG is made up of the elected leadership of Samahquam and the traditional leadership of Skatin.

INIG is currently an interim government. The interim government will have legal standing and become the central government of the Nation, upon the Effective Date of treaty. Elections will be held within 6 months of the Effective Date.

INIG has created several separate entities to achieve various functions such as receive and manage treaty funds, economic development funds and operational funding; carry out projects and deliver services; operate businesses; and protect and maintain In-SHUCK-ch culture and heritage. These entities are all affiliations of, and operate under the In-SHUCK-ch Nation, and contribute to achieving the Nation’s mandate and vision.

As the governing body, INIG makes high-level decisions and shares authority with the General Assembly to approve the budgets and work plans of the In-SHUCK-ch entities.

Operational decisions are the responsibility of the Chiefs Executive Committee (CEC) which is made up of the two Chiefs of Skatin and Samahquam, as well as the Senior Managers of the In-SHUCK-ch staff (in a non-voting capacity).