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In-SHUCK-ch Nation Senior Management

Passal (Allen Gabriel) Chief Executive Officer 604-820-6873 ext:125
Eppa (Gerard Peters) Chief Negotiator 604-820-6873
Josh Alexander Chief Administrative Officer 604-820-6873 ext:129

In-SHUCK-ch Nation Management

Alanna Schroeder Operations Manager 604-820-6873 ext:127
Stephen Jimmie Director of Business, Finance and Economic Development 604-820-6873 ext 103
Sheryl Rankel Office Manager 604-820-6873 ext:105
Lori Vandenberg Finance Manager 604-820-6873 ext:117


Pvska7 (Shannon Chapman) Executive Assistant 604-820-6873 ext:124
Shawn Gabriel Community Relations Officer 604-820-6873 ext:109
604-615-8109 cell
Weshta (Sylvester Sam) Community Relations Officer 604-820-6873 ext:110
604-751-3608 cell
Vern Shanoss Community Relations Officer 778-231-4957 cell
Jessica Fletcher Communications Coordinator 604-820-6873 ext:107
Kerry Lumsden Cultural Coordinator 604-820-6873 ext:113
Sylvia Alexander Reception 604-820-6873



Kathleen Smith Chief
Malcolm Smith Councilor
Clara Smith Councilor
Howie Smith Councilor


Pat Williams Chief
Xavier Williams Councilor
Gabriel Williams Jr. Councilor


This community-based group called the Ama Liisaos Heritage Trust Society, formed by members of the Xa’xtsa, Skatin, and Samahquam Bands, has fought for the preservation of our heritage since 2003. Its main focus has been the preservation of the Church of the Holy Cross in Skatin.

Visit their Facebook Page


The Head of the Lake School is a combined elementary and junior high school (K-9) providing educational services for the In-SHUCK-ch communities of Xa’xtsa , Skatin, and Samahquam. The school also informally supports students taking courses by correspondence or online.

Board of Education Members

Vern Shanoss Chair
Evelyn Sam Secretary
Mary-Ellen Shepherd Treasurer



Maxine Joe Principal/Administrator
Willamina Jim Finance Department


The Lower Stl’atl’imx Tribal Council proudly represents the following five of the 11 St’at’imc First Nations:

  • Samahquam Ucwalmicw
  • Skatin Nations
  • Xa’xtsa
  • N’Quatqua Band
  • Lil’wat Nation

The LSTC mission is to work together in harmony. While seeking ways to preserve and promote our communities needs for culture and way of life (traditions), the LSTC provides programs and services in capacity building through healing and in education.

Phone: 604-239-8857, fax: 1-844-930-0302


As of October 1, 2013, the First Nation Health Authority (FNHA) has taken over and will plan, design, manage, deliver, and fund the delivery of First Nations Health Programs across British Columbia.

For a full listing of senior medical officers and contact information for community health and wellness services, environmental public health services, and other services, per region, visit: FNHA: Programs and Services Overview and Contacts May 2015.

According to geographical boundaries, the In-SHUCK-ch Nation is serviced by the FNHA Vancouver-Coastal Health Authority. You will find valuable information concerning health, wellness, and services available to us on the FNHA website, such as: