In-SHUCK-ch seeks to manage its businesses according to principles of sound business governance, fiscal accountability, and sustainability.

In-SHUCK-ch Nation is active, either through Nation-owned entities or partnerships, in the following business sectors:

  • Independent Power Production
  • Timber and Non-Timber Forest Products
  • Resource Management
  • Tourism and Recreation
  • T’sek Hot Springs and Campground (link to T’sek Page)
  • Service and Technology Industries

In addition to our existing businesses, In-SHUCK-ch is open to new ventures within these industries, as well as exploring opportunities in new sectors too. We seek out economic development partners who reflect our values, share our goals and respect our culture.

List of Partners


To learn more about our economic development or business activities, or inquire about partnerships or joint venture opportunities contact Stephen Jimmie, Director of Business, Finance and Economic Development.

Stephen Jimmie, Director of Business, Finance and Economic Development

604-820-6873 ext. 103