In-SHUCK-ch developed a Wealth Creation Action Plan that identified our broad objectives for economic development and wealth creation, potential opportunities in the near and long term, and the necessary improvements and capacity required to take on such opportunities.

In order to attract meaningful business opportunities In-SHUCK-ch has worked to improve the infrastructure in our territory. The successes we have achieved include:

  • Improved and dependable year-round road access;
  • Connection to the BC Hydro power grid; and
  • Connection to a communication infrastructure.

Untitled designIn addition to improving infrastructure to support business, In-SHUCK-ch’s Economic Development team works to attract business partners to our territory and explores new opportunities to conduct business in our territory. In-SHUCK-ch is open to working with business partners who reflect our values, share our goals and respect our culture. All new business ideas are assessed for their feasibility and viability, followed by development of detailed business plans.

In-SHUCK-ch also believes that small business and entrepreneurship is vital to growing our economy. We work to support and encourage our members in their entrepreneurship goals both in and outside our territory.


To learn more about our economic development or business activities, or inquire about partnerships or joint venture opportunities contact Stephen Jimmie, Director of Business, Finance and Economic Development.

Stephen Jimmie, Director of Business, Finance and Economic Development

604-820-6873 ext. 103