Tmicw is our word for land. In-SHUCK-ch traditional territory is located in southwestern British Columbia (BC), stretching north and south from approximately half way up Lillooet Lake to Long Island in Harrison Lake.

For the purposes of final agreement negotiations, our traditional territory is the Statement of Intent (SOI) area. It is defined by the height of land around the watersheds of the Lower Lillooet, Stave, and Pitt Rivers.

Our territory covers 476,943 ha of land and water, 473,058 ha of which is 99% land. Within this territory are large areas of BC provincial Crown land, provincial parks, smaller areas of Indian Reserve, and private land. The ownership ratio in our traditional territory area is:

  • Provincial Park – 34%
  • Provincial Crown – 66%
  • Indian Reserve – Less than 1 %
  • Private Land – Less than 1 %

In-SHUCK-ch NationTerritory Compressed