Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 4.09.34 PMSkelkela7lhkálha (In-SHUCK-ch Elders group) are involved in our community. They gather once a month in Deroche as well as up in the territory, actively bringing together families, friends and youth.

By creating a society with charitable status for Skelkela7lhkálha elders, the elders’ representatives can fundraise and accept donations to help the community at large. Their goal is to ensure our history is passed onto the next generation by encouraging youth to be involved and become informed citizens, as well as provide guidance for community spiritual events.

40th Annual Elders Gathering is being held  in Williams Lake, BC  July 11, 12, 13, 14, 2016. Find more details on the 2016 BC Elders Gathering here.


Elders Society email address: Skelkela7lhkálha@hotmail.com


Willitsaws (Charlie Peters Sr) President
Mamatu7 (Mary Reyburn) Vice President
Ale’q (Jeanette Phillips) Secretary
Ma’mi (Agnes Giesbrecht) Treasurer

Board of Directors

Xup ya7 (Oliver Peters) Xa’xtsa
Priscilla Wells Skatin
Mesisl (Herman Dan) Elder Advisor